Strawberry Quartz Tower
Strawberry Quartz Tower
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Strawberry Quartz Tower

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Properties: Self love, compassion, self acceptance, healing, gratitude, divine femininity, nurturing, love, generosity

Chakra: Heart (Love + Compassion)
Also known as Strawberry Aventurine 
Weight: 130g  |  Base width: 3cm  |  Height:  12.7cm

Known as the stone of inner love, Strawberry Quartz is a sister stone of Rose Quartz (known as the stone of unconditional Love). With a core intention of love, Strawberry Quartz focuses on self positivity and self love. The uplifting and nurturing vibrations of this stone serve as a reminder to be gentle with yourself always. Strawberry Quartz eases toxic thought processes, releases self limiting beliefs and promotes self compassion and patience

Use Strawberry Quartz to amplify your intentions of love and radiate these vibrations on a broader level. The divine feminine energy of Strawberry Quartz reminds you that you are worthy of love in its purest form, at every state that you may embody