Sodalite Tumbled Power Bracelet
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Sodalite Tumbled Power Bracelet

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Carry the power of crystal energy with you everywhere 

Bead size: 6-8mm 
Chakra: Throat + Third Eye 

Power intention: Intuition + truth + awareness + self discovery + self expression

Sodalite inspires rational thinking as well as objectivity, truth and intuition. It is known to sustain emotional balance during times of inner turmoil and is also used to calm panic attacks when we are distressed or overwhelmed. This stones power enhances feelings of self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-trust. It aids in bring order and repose to the troubled thinker.

Sodalite is known to absorb electromagnetic radiation emitted from our phones, laptops and other electronic devices commonly found in households. The radiation emitted can prove to be hazardous to human health and well being, so try placing a sodalite crystal in areas where electronics are used most, to protect yourself and loved ones from these toxins.

Due to the natural formation characteristics will vary between stones