Self Love, Self Worth & Self Respect Smudge Stick
Self Love, Self Worth & Self Respect Smudge Stick
Self Love, Self Worth & Self Respect Smudge Stick
With Good Intentions

Self Love, Self Worth & Self Respect Smudge Stick

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Take regard for your own well being and happiness. Love yourself, be kind to yourself and respect yourself. Be nurturing to your body, mind and soul. Accept and celebrate how perfectly human you are.

Smudge sticks are an amazing tool for intention setting, manifestation, cleansing and creation. There is not one way to use a smudge stick; we encourage free flowing, intentional use, while surrendering and allowing the wand to guide, heal and uplift you.

All smudge sticks include a guide on how to use & activate your wand.

White Sage, Mediterranean Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Callistemon, Lemon Verbena, Marjoram, Linden, Chamomile Flowers, Rose Petals, Corn Husk, Orange Zest.

Approximately 15cm (L) x 4.5cm (W)

About our smudge sticks:
Our smudge sticks are handmade in intentional small batches, with locally, ethically and responsibly grown Herbs and Botanicals. The herbs and botanicals used are toxin & chemical free as well as the 100% cotton yarn used, which is non toxic when burnt. All swing tags and labels are made from eco friendly, recycled paper.

Origin of Smudging:
The practice of 'smudging' originates from Native American and Indigenous groups where the burning of Sage is a sacred ceremony for purification, protection and cleansing. Today, smudging is used by people outside of these groups symbolically to reinforce and represent those same intentions. Respect and thanks should ALWAYS be given back to its original source and the earth that provides. 

*Please note: Due to the nature of these hand made products, batches are never forcibly replicated, therefore slight characteristics may vary with each wand.*