Selenite Stick (Small)
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Selenite Stick (Small)

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Properties: Peace, Clarity, Restoration, Cleansing, Protection, Calm

Selenite embodies all things peace, light, purity & calm. Named after the goddess of the moon, Selene, this high vibrational crystal promotes serenity, clarity and calm. Selenite instills deep peace and is a perfect tool for meditation and spiritual work as it provides mental clarity and assists with gaining higher consciousness and spiritual guidance.

Selenite is notorious for its cleansing qualities, it's one of the few stones that never need to be charged. The gentle healing properties of Selenite can dissipate negative energy whilst still maintaining it's pure vibrations.

How to use: Hold in each hand whilst meditating to create a sense of balanced light around your being, place around the house to promote a sense of peace or use to cleanse your crystals, self and space. 

Chakra: Associated closely with Crown (Awareness) and Third Eye (Intuition & Perception)
Source: Morocco 
1 Stick. Approx. 5-6CM

*Please note: Selenite is a delicate stone and should be handled with care. As it is water soluble, keep away from rinsing and immersing in water. Due to the natural formation and variation of our crystals slight characteristics will vary between stones. This does not take away from the quality, high vibrations and beauty.