Protection Crystal Blend
Protection Crystal Blend
Protection Crystal Blend
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Protection Crystal Blend

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Meet your guardian- A potent blend of protective crystals + stones to surround your being and space with a shield of protection

Filled with a variety of forms from raw chunks, chips, tumbles and points. This powerful blend has been cleansed with smoke and channelled with intent to preserve and protect your energetic field 

Choose between:
100g blend + 100% Organic Cotton Bag
250g blend + 100% Organic Cotton Bag

Black Tourmaline Raw + Tumbles + Chips
Black Obsidian Raw + Tumbles
Smokey Quartz Raw + Chips
Clear Quartz Chips + Points

Help them, help you: 
Channel with your intention before use. This blend has been created to protect you. It is important to cleanse any built up energy they may absorb on your journey. We recommend smoke cleansing as some stones are not water safe. 

Helpful suggestions:
-Keep the bag under your pillow while you sleep
-Keep in the glove compartment of your car to protect you on your travels
-Carry in your pocket, bag or wallet 
-Use in crystal grids
-Disperse contents around your space to create a protected sanctuary. We recommend the large raw chunks in the corners of your room

Filled intuitively and completely at random- every bag of our protection blend will vary from the next.