Pāua Shell (Polished)
Pāua Shell (Polished)
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Pāua Shell (Polished)

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Pāua/Abalone Shells add the perfect earth element to your rituals. Similar to crystals, shells have their own healing properties and vibrate certain energies.

Pāua shells have a gentle vibration of peace, balance, compassion and Love and is naturally protective. Symbolically Pāua is representative of water and can be used to tame the flames of one's emotional disharmony. 

How to use: Add as an earth element to your altar, use to catch the ash from your smudging rituals and to rest your cleansing tools. These shells are extremely durable and work for these purposes perfectly. 

1 Polished Shell 

Harvested ethically
Cleaned safely

Please note* Due to the natural formation and variation of our shells, slight characteristics will vary between them. This does not take away from the quality, high vibrations and beauty.