Mini Flower Agate Mushrooms
Mini Flower Agate Mushrooms
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Mini Flower Agate Mushrooms

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Properties: Motivation, Passion, Purpose, Flourish, Personal Growth, Self Love, Self Growth, Manifestation, Empowering, Divine Feminine Energy

Chakra: Heart & Solar Plexus Chakras
Origin: Madagascar
Quality: A grade Flower Agate carved and polished into beautiful mini mushrooms
Size: Approximately 1-2cm *chosen intuitively 

Flower Agate is an extremely gentle & nurturing stone, known as the stone of self Love and self growth. Flower Agate emulates Divine Feminine energy and aids in igniting pure passion and purpose at your core, allowing you to flourish from within. Flower Agate will protect you from self doubt and feelings of uncertainty and by doing this, will guide you towards reaching your highest potential so that you can manifest your deepest dreams and desires. A truly empowering, yet and delicate soft stone. The pyrite inclusions in this crystal attract abundance & good fortune. 

Each shroom is lovingly and intentionally hand picked just for you.

*Please note: Due to the natural formation and variation of our crystals slight characteristics will vary between stones