Lepidolite Power Bracelets
Lepidolite Power Bracelets
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Lepidolite Power Bracelets

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Carry the power of crystal energy with you everywhere 

Bead size: 8mm 
Chakra: Root + Heart  |  Origin: South Africa

Power intention: Balance + harmony + self control + support + empowerment + stabilising + soothing + releasing + liberation

Name: The name Lepidolite originates from the Greek word for scale due to its association with restoring balance and harmony. Also known as the 'Stone of Transition' 

If you find yourself struggling to grasp a sense of balance and control Lepidolite will become your saviour. Known for it's effectiveness with stabilising stress, pressure, obsessive thoughts and anxiousness- the nurturing and calming vibrations of this stone work to soothe and release internal commotion whilst promoting a sense of balance and harmony.

Also known as 'The Stone of Transition', Lepidolite supports the liberation of self from addiction, unhealthy habits, and emotional and mental dependency by helping you recognise these behavioural patterns whilst encouraging change, objectivity and emotional independence.

Due to the natural formation and variation of our crystals characteristics will vary between stones. Chosen intuitively