Howlite Worry Stones
Howlite Worry Stones
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Howlite Worry Stones

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Calm + Anxiety Healing + Nurturing + Peace of Mind + Relaxation
Country of origin: South Africa

Size: 4.5cm *Chosen Intuitively

Howlite is an extremely nurturing stone and serves you by calming distress and negative emotions. Howlite helps to ease an overly critical state of mind, selfish tendencies, stress, and anxiety and invites a deep sense of calm and relaxation. This gentle stone encourages you to be yourself, in your complete and truest essence. Due to it's natural calming properties Howlite is perfect for those who suffer from anxiety and stress. 

What are worry stones? 
Worry stones are carefully cut and carved into a unique curved shape specifically with the intention to alleviate worry and stress when used. Gently rub the stone in any way you are drawn to, to alleviate overwhelming feelings and promote relaxation. Along with intention and the healing properties of your chosen stone, your worry stone will bring you back to a state of stability, peace and calm. Carry in your pocket to use when needed and cleanse often to dispel absorbed energy.