Howlite Point
Howlite Point
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Howlite Point

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Properties: Communication, awareness, expression, connection , calm, peace, harmony, patience 

Chakra: Crown (awareness + connection)
Base width: 3cm |  Height: 6cm

Howlite is an extremely nurturing stone and serves you by calming distress and negative emotions. Howlite helps to ease an overly critical state of mind, stress and anxiety whilst inviting a deep sense of calm and relaxation to exist as a state of being. This gentle stone encourages you to be yourself, in your complete and truest essence. Due to it's natural calming properties Howlite makes the perfect companion for those experiencing anxiety, depression and copious amounts of stress.

Aligning strongly with your Crown Chakra, Howlite aids in gaining an expansion and higher understanding of consciousness, helping you to release existing limitations. 

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