Garden Quartz with Pyrite Sphere
Garden Quartz with Pyrite Sphere
Garden Quartz with Pyrite Sphere
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Garden Quartz with Pyrite Sphere

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Garden Quartz with Pyrite is an enchanting power duo, a vast treasure filled forest in a magic filled orb.  Combining energies of renewal, rejuvenation and optimism with the abundant, prosperous energy of the Pyrite embedded within, this duo will invite the most uplifting energy into your space. 

Approximate Size:  4-4.5cm

Garden Quartz: 
Renewal, Change, New Beginnings, Healing, Positivity, Rejuvenation, Tranquility, Opportunity 

Name: Also known as Lodalite

Symbolic of the forest, Garden Quartz brings energy rejuvenation by helping you dissipate negativity & heal traumatic experiences through the renewal of positivity, tranquility and new found opportunity. 
This stone is regularly used in healing & meditation as it is believed to assist with balancing all energy. In generator form, Garden Quartz becomes a strong power source and can be used in creating a circuit of energy during meditation, energising other crystals (kind of like a battery), crystal grids or simply just harmonising your space.

Properties: Abundance, Happiness, Success, Opportunity, Prosperity, Determination, Grounding, Protection
Name: Also Known as 'Fools Gold'

Pyrite is an extremely empowering stone that directly stimulates intellect, enhances memory and strengthens focus and determination. This grounding stone is a natural protector that shields against all forms of negative energy. The incredibly powerful & inspiring energy from this stone will ignite a fire in your belly and motivate you towards a path of success, use this crystal to manifest abundance, success and prosperity in all areas of your life