Garden Quartz Point
Garden Quartz Point
Garden Quartz Point
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Garden Quartz Point

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Renewal, Change, New Beginnings, Healing, Positivity, Rejuvenation, Tranquility, Opportunity 

Origin: Brazil
Size: Base width 1.6cm + Height 9cm
Weight:  63g | Chunky point | Self Standing

Also known as Lodalite

Garden Quartz is an incredibly powerful, highly mystical stone- known commonly as a stone of journeying. Symbolising Earth; the gardens, dirt, foliage and forests- Garden Quartz carries a strong energy of connection and takes you on a journey deep within your self. The soothing vibrations from Garden Quartz guides you towards enhancing your connection to your intuition and personal guides. Being a stone of renewal, Garden Quartz helps to the clear blockages you may face on your journey back to self, particularly past life and childhood trauma. Use Garden Quartz to offer support when taking those mindful steps back, looking into your self and healing the parts of you that still hold on to fear, loss and pain. The time for change is now and the energy of this magical gem can help guide you towards new beginnings, rejuvenation and opportunity. 

The beauty of Garden Quartz are the many different inclusions embedded within- varying from green, brown, red and black, each individual piece has its own story to tell and its own different energy to share

Due to the natural formation and variation of our crystals characteristics will vary between stones. Please pay attention to size guides provided