Chunky Ocean Jasper Power Bracelets
Chunky Ocean Jasper Power Bracelets
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Chunky Ocean Jasper Power Bracelets

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Carry the power of crystal energy with you everywhere 

Country of origin: Madagascar
Bead size: 14mm
Power intention: Peace + Harmony + Joy + Soothing + Opens Heart Chakra + Happiness + Love

The positive vibrations from Ocean Jasper make it a stone of pure joy. Ocean Jasper is a soothing, heart opening stone that invites Love, kindness and happiness into your life. This supportive crystal is perfect to use during transformational and unprecedented periods as it assists with coping with change, encouraging patience and providing clarity. Ocean Jasper, Also known as Orbicular Jasper is a very unique Jasper found only at a remote location on the Coast of Madagascar and can only be mined at low tide.