Caribbean Calcite Sphere
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Caribbean Calcite Sphere

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Serenity, Tranquility, Peace, Bliss, Harmony, Joy, Calm, Balance

Size: Approximately 7cm in diameter
Weight: 488 grams
*This is an individual piece- only 1 available*

Healing Properties: 
Oozing tranquil beach vibes, Caribbean Calcite invites bliss, peace, harmony and a deep sense of calm into your life & space. A deeply calming & nurturing stone reminiscent of the ocean, the sand, the water and sky. 

Blue Calcite: Blue calcite is a gentle, soothing stone known for its ability to calm the nerves, release negative emotions and lift anxious feelings. By stimulating the Throat Chakra, this stone aids in providing clarity with your communication. Blue Calcite can absorb negative energy, renew it and release it as positive, peaceful energy. 

Brown & White Aragonite: 
Aragonite is well known as a earth-healer and helps you understand, conserve & connect to the beautiful Mother Earth herself. Aragonite has a reputable ability to stabilise and ground energy adding a sense of security to your life and easing anxious feelings. 

 This rare stone is a new combination mineral that was recently discovered in Pakistan in 2019. This beautiful duo consists of a light blue Calcite with a light brown and white Aragonite. These Caribbean Calcite towers are responsibly sourced direct from our miners in Pakistan, to our crystal carver & polisher in Pakistan then straight to us here at Soul Alchemy in Melbourne, Australia. A 3 step process to guarantee as little handling as possible to ensure your crystals are as connected to their origin as possible.

Use in meditation by holding in the palm of your hands.
Place around the room to invite calm, peace and protection.
Sleep with Caribbean Calcite near you to promote restful, peaceful sleep.