Blue Apatite Tumbles
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Blue Apatite Tumbles

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Properties: Inspiration, Motivation, Creativity, Selflessness, Service, Communication, Self Expression, Guidance,

Chakra: Throat (Communication & Creativity) and Heart (Love & Compassion)

Blue Apatite is known as a stone of inspiration- An incredibly self motivating stone that works to guide your being to a path of service and selflessness. Stimulating creativity and intellect, Blue Apatite is amazing at helping you pull inspiration from within and connect to your inner most creative energies.

Directly stimulating the Throat Chakra, Blue Apatite supports communication and self expression by inducing feelings of openness and social ease. If you consider yourself an introvert or experience social anxiety, use Blue Apatite to encourage personal extroversion and to help dissolve feelings of alienation and fear. 

Blue Apatite can connect you to a very high level of spiritual guidance by attuning your being to the future and your personal path whilst also connecting you to your past lives. Use Blue Apatite to develop your psychic abilities and deepen your meditative state. 

Each tumble stone is lovingly and intentionally hand picked just for you. 

*Please note: Due to the natural formation and variation of our crystals slight characteristics will vary between stones. This does not take away from the quality, high vibrations and beauty.