Amethyst Tumbles
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Amethyst Tumbles

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Awareness, Connectivity, Intuition, Higher Consciousness, Protection, Calm

Chakra: Crown (Awareness + Wisdom) & Third Eye (Intuition + Perception)
Origin: Brazil 
Size: 2-3cm | Chosen intuitively 

Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. This stone carries strong healing and cleansing powers by transmuting negative energy into vibrations of peace. Amethyst is commonly known for it's ability to enhance connectivity and spiritual awareness. By activating the Crown Chakra, this stone has the ability to bring you into a state of higher consciousness and increased intuition. 

Use in meditation by holding in your hands and/or placing on your Third eye and Crown to stimulate spiritual wisdom. Place around the room to invite peace and protection. To assist with out of body experiences, intuitive dreams, dream protection, insomnia or nightmares, place under the pillow.

Due to natural formation and variation, sight characteristics will vary between crystals and stones