Amazonite Tumbled Power Bracelet
Soul Alchemy

Amazonite Tumbled Power Bracelet

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Carry the power of crystal energy with you everywhere 

Bead size: 8-10mm 
Chakra: Heart + Throat

Power intention: Healing + Clarity + Personal power + Intuition + Balance 

Amazonite is an incredibly soothing stone known to calm the brain & nervous system whilst aligning the physical body with the ether-body (aura). At an emotional level, Amazonite helps to heal trauma by alleviating related worry & fear and dispelling any existing negativity and hostility. Healing and opening the Heart and Throat Chakras, this stone encourages clarity with communicating & enhances loving communication to flow. Use Amazonite to support you with strengthening your intuition, balancing your masculine & feminine energies & manifesting universal love

Due to the natural formation characteristics will vary between stones