Agate Moon with Gold Lining
Agate Moon with Gold Lining
Agate Moon with Gold Lining
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Agate Moon with Gold Lining

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Chakra: Sacral & Root
Origin: India
Size range: Each Agate Moon will be chosen intuitively 
Surface Width: 5-5.5cm
Surface Height: 9-9.5cm
Thickness: .5cm-1cm

Agate is an amazing grounding stone and aids in centering & stabilising your physical, emotional and intellectual energies. With its power to harmonise yin and yang, the positive and negative forces in your life, Agate will invite a deep sense of security and balance through it's gentle, calming vibrations. Agate aids in empowering healthy self analysis and works to promote self acceptance and self confidence. Useful for healing trauma, this stone is an all rounder in terms of personal healing/growth and will bring balance, inner stability and harmony. 

Use: These Agate Plates can be used in so many ways- as a decor piece, crystal holder, jewellery display or coaster. A beautiful addition to your space!

Please pay attention to size guides provided