African Bloodstone Point
African Bloodstone Point
African Bloodstone Point
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African Bloodstone Point

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Vitality, Personal Power, Courage, Motivation, Focus, Luck, Good Fortune, Compassion

Chakra: Root + Heart
Origin: Africa
Weight: 88g | Base width: 2.5cm  |  Height 9cm

Bloodstone is a variety of dark green Chalcedony with deep red inclusions ranging from Red Jasper to iron oxide inclusions like Hematite. African Bloodstone in particular features a translucent/milky green Chalcedony interspersed throughout the stone.

As its name suggests, Bloodstone is symbolic of blood and with it- power, flow and sacrifice. Ancient Greeks referred to this stone as Heliotrope meaning 'turn to the sun' because they believe it held immense power and energy like it's name sake.

Bloodstone is a noble stone, often viewed as a talisman to offer strength and luck in battle and confrontation. Linked to the lower chakras and very deeply to the Root chakra (responsible for keeping our being grounded and anchored), this stone can offer stability and courage when feelings of uncertainty surface. Whilst serving our inner prowess, Bloodstone also helps to release blockages in our Heart and encourages compassion and trust to coincide within. Physically, Bloodstone is believed to offer healing in relation to purifying, cleansing the blood. 

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